Salone Verde
Established in 2018, Salone Verde is a new venture dedicated to supporting the vital cultural engagements of Venice. In its first year, the Salone has been used for exhibitions, workshops, and other events. This once-forgotten venetian space is growing again.

Biennale 2023 Exhibition

GMP: UMBAU. Nonstop Transformation
UMBAU (conversion) means the continuous transformation of existing structures. Considering today’s climate goals, UMBAU must move from being the exception to becoming the rule. The exhibition by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects (gmp) discusses recent case studies of conversion practices from the 21st century dealing with the architectural heritage of the Moderne movement. What the projects have in common is a conceptual approach to UMBAU, which, starting from a comprehensive inventory of the existing, continues and develops the old as an architectural evolution. UMBAU is not unique, but continues into the future as a Nonstop Transformation, as a collaboration spanning generations

Tue - Sun
10:00 am / 6:00 pm

19 May / 26 November


What is Salone Verde

Salone Verde is a space in Venice composed of two closed buildings bordering an open courtyard. It is likely that these structures belonged originally to a much larger Venetian palace. Sestiere Santa Croce 2258 was first mentioned in Venetian records in 1292.

“Salone Verde” will be an open place for people who want to think further about living together – economically, technically, musically, literarily, theatrically, sociologically, with consideration for resources and consideration for others – holistically – an Art & Social Club

The location

Situated in the Santa Croce district near the Mercato di Rialto, from the wooden gates of Salon Verde it is only a short walk to galleries like the Fondazione Prada or Ca ‘Pesaro, and only 100 metres from the Grand Canal. Salone Verde is easily accessed, by Calle Regina or by boat. Its location in Santa Croce is slightly apart from the heavy tourism found elsewhere in Venice—but a major visitor’s destination nonetheless.

A corridor between art, culture and sociality. An area of expression, created along time and moments, by privates and public, reflecting the past and the future, the beauty and the ugly. “Salone Verde” Art & Social Club

Access is also possible from the Grand Canal at Calle Corner in a distance of 70 m. Vaporetto line 1 stops at S. Stae

A refurbishment act

The historical constructions were repaired, strengthened and only replaced where unavoidable, based on the requirements of UNESCO and the city of Venice in 2021/22. In this way, the raw condition could be preserved inside and out. The structural interventions can be seen in the window and door profiles alone. They are slender profiles made of folded steel with high stability, low material costs and a long service life.

Where the “salone” of a palazzo used to be, there now is an open courtyard. The floors of the palazzo have disappeared and with them the salone. In its place steps a new site where people will come together – for talking and working, for exhibitions, music and dance. This place is to become green like a garden. In this way, the “Salone” of the past will be transformed into the “Salone Verde” of the future.

The building services required for permanent use of the rooms are concentrated in two small rooms. The kitchen, sanitary facilities, storage areas and the system control are compactly arranged here. Pipes were installed in the floor and at the edge of the roofs, so that the historic masonry and the roof structure itself could remain untouched. Heating is provided via the floor, cooling via units in the roof space. The energy source is an air-source heat pump.


We are always happy to hear your feedback. If you have anything to tell us, please reach us via email or by the Salone. An appointment may be required

photos by Alessandra Chemollo


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